Board of Directors

Jason & Lisa Smith

Jason and Lisa Smith live in Taylorsville, Utah and have been adoption advocates most of their married lives. They have served in several positions with Families Supporting Adoption at both local and national levels. They have been involved with adoption outreach for many years promoting adoption as a positive choice in church meetings and high schools. They have most recently sat on the Board of Trustees for LDS Family Services. Jason is a Director of Operations with ADP Benefits Outsourcing. He graduated from the University of Utah with a BA in Organizational Communications. Lisa is dance instructor and director of MCE Dance in Murray, Utah. Jason and Lisa have two beautiful daughters, Nicole and Addison, both joining their family through the miracle of adoption. They love to travel, and spend time with their girls.

Kelly Peterson

Utah Foster Care Foundation CEO, Professional

As the Chief Executive Officer of the Utah Foster Care Foundation, Kelly brought a rich history of child welfare experiences with her. She has worked as a parent trainer volunteer; a rural social worker with oversight for foster care and adoption; a therapist in a medical psychiatric lockdown facility; a prison inmate therapist; and facilitated support groups for cancer patients.

Kelly has trained “Advanced Sexual Abuse Interviewing Skills” in Alaska, Wyoming and throughout Utah. She has presented seminars at national conferences and consulted with organizations throughout the United States, including being invited by the Children’s Rights Group of New York to assess and provide consultation services to Milwaukee, Wisconsin government and child-welfare officials who have oversight of agencies charged with the protection of children; and providing consultation services to the Oklahoma Department of Human Services Commissioners, Legislature and to child welfare professionals.

Kelly is a certified instructor in the “Institute for Human Services” pre-service training and was instrumental in getting the curriculum translated into Bulgarian and Spanish. She was then invited Sophia, Bulgaria and to Monterrey, Mexico to train and provide certification to trainers in both countries.

Prior to her appointment as CEO of the Foundation, Kelly was the Director of Programs with oversight of the Recruitment, Training and Retention Departments. Kelly received her Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work from Brigham Young University in April 1992 and was Valedictorian of the School of Social Work. She received her Master’s Degree in Social Work from the University of Utah where she received the Honored Faculty Award. She completed the requirements to become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in November of 2000.

Philip and Valerie Hochheiser

Adoptive Parents, Former Board of Trustees for LDSFS and Families Supporting Adoption National Board Chairs, and former Chairs of the FSA National Board

Philip and Valerie Hochheiser live in Clinton, Utah, with their three children: Jordyn, Sydney and Adrian; all of whom joined their family through the miracle of adoption. They have been involved with adoption through LDS Family Services for over 14 years. They have served in many positions during this time, including teaching adoption preparation classes on a local level, serving on the FSA National Board and as chairs of the FSA National Board for 5 ½ years. Philip works as an engineer with ATK Launch Systems. He graduated from the University of Utah with a BS in Materials Science and Engineering. Valerie graduated from Weber State University with a BA in Business Education/Administrative Systems and is currently enjoying being a stay-at-home mother.

Brad and Brenda Horrocks

Adoptive Parents, Former Board of Trustees for LDSFS and Families Supporting Adoption National Board Chairs

We have been married for 19 years. We have been involved in adoption since 1998 when we put our paperwork in for the first time. We realized quickly there was a place for us in the adoption community. We have adopted 4 incredible children. Our oldest is 13, from there we have a 11 year old, a 7 year old and a 4 year old. Our first 3 adoptions were through an agency and were considered “Designated Adoption”, where a birth mom found out about us through a 3rd party and went into our agency requesting us. Our last adoption was through the state. We were blessed to work as Foster Parents for 4 years. After saying goodbye to seven children we got a call about a baby boy and we knew he was meant to be!

Brad and I have served on local and national adoption boards and committees and have enjoyed getting to know the many wonderful people who work hard to help promote adoption as a positive option. We are also blessed to be part of a Birth Family. Our nephew was placed for adoption and watching the whole process from beginning to end was a life changing experience. 
Our family enjoys open adoptions with our children’s Birth Families.

Brad works for University Hospital and I stay at home with the kids. We both enjoy movies, camping and anything we can do as a family. Brad enjoys target shooting and I love to write.

You can get to know us a little more on our family blog Another Small Adventure

Dan and Alison Lowe

Alison Lowe and her husband, Daniel, were members of the FSA National Board before joining forces with United For Adoption. They have been so blessed by being adoption advocates and see the importance of blowing their adoption horn for all to hear. “Because I have been given much I too must give.” Someone left the door open for me… I need to do the same for those that follow me.

They have been married for twelve years and are the proud parents of Elliott, who was adopted in their family six years ago. Alison comes from the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, Canada. When she is not spending time with family, she strives to devote her infectious zest for life to home remodeling projects, traveling, camping, advocating for positive change in any arena, social media, singing ABBA at the top of her lungs, planning a party, or just having fun in the park. She says, “I am learning to only go as far and as fast in family building as I have strength. I know many feel the urgency to hit the pavement running, but sometimes you need to refocus and walk along with God.” Life thus far has taught her the importance of staying true to what you know is true, and fighting for what you want or believe… you need to be proactive, and holding on with faith.

Dennis Ashton

Dennis Ashton has been passionately involved with the adoption community for 38 years. He retired from LDSFS in 2014 after a long and distinguished career where he served as a licensed psychotherapist, agency director, program specialist, and assistant commissioner. He and his wife Joyce, are the parents of 6 children and 10 grandchildren who they love spending time with. He and his wife are the authors of 5 books: Loss and Grief Recovery, Jesus Wept, 3 Volumes of “But If Not”, now in compilation. We’re lucky to have Dennis serving on the Board of Directors of Forever Bound Adoption. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience with him.

Ken Lowe

Ken graduated from Weber State College and the University of Utah. He has a Master’s degree in Social Work and is licensed as a LCSW. He has worked with adoption for over 30 years and has helped literally hundreds of adoptive couples and birth mothers. Adoption is one of his great passions in life. His favorite (and only) sister was adopted, which piqued his interest in adoption early in his life. Ken loves the idea of placing children in loving homes when birth parents are not able to raise their child. Ken has four children and has been married to Gail Bennion Lowe for the past 37 years. He looks forward to helping you with your needs in a loving and compassionate manner.