Embryo Adoption

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Embryo adoption is a unique decision and each embryo is a unique creation, precious and valuable – a life full of potential. Forever Bound Adoption, in conjunction with Nightlight Christian Adoptions’ Snowflakes Embryo Adoption Program, is proud to offer this unique service that helps not only couples who want to adopt a child, but those couples who have been through the infertility process and are now storing frozen fertilized embryos. Considered “life,” they do not want to destroy these “extra” embryos, but would love to donate them to pre-approved families. Through Forever Bound Adoption and Snowflake Embryo Adoption Program, these donor couples have the opportunity to choose an adoptive couple who is home study approved, prepared, trained, background screened, and meets their preferences for adopting their embryo.


Whether you want to get to know the family before a match is made or you’d like to maintain more privacy, you can choose your own level of contact, with flexibility for the future. Every family is unique and professionals are committed to helping you find the right match.


The frozen embryo transfers can occur at the clinic where the embryos were created originally, or they can be shipped to the adoptive parents’ clinic. Adoptive parents can choose the fertility doctor who will provide this important care.


The legal aspects of embryo adoption will be managed for you.  Contracts are provided and signed by both parties, transferring legal possession of the embryos from one family to another.

Forever Bound Love

We donated our three embryos. We are so excited for the adoptive family who now have their baby on the way! Our entire family, including my sons, ages three and five, are very proud of our decision and so excited we can bring such joy to another family.

– Scott and Gayle, Adoptive Parents

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Embryo Adoption may be an option for you

Adoption Financing Options

A number of organizations provide financial aid and grants to adoptive families. We have collected information about such organizations to help you find the resources that meet your family’s needs.

Many employers offer adoption benefits. If your employer does not offer adoption benefits, your company might be willing to consider becoming a more adoption friendly workplace. Speak with your HR department to determine what benefits your employer offers. If benefits are available, be sure to use them! If not, consider providing your employer with an Adoption Friendly Workplace kit from the Dave Thomas Foundation.

Debt-free Adoption Webinar | Julie Gumm, Adoptive Mother and Author, Adopt without Debt: Creative Ways to Cover the Cost of Adoption, talks about strategies you can use to adopt a child debt-free.

How to Afford Adoption | For Creating a Family with Dawn Davenport, Dawn interviews the director of the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption and the founder of affordingadoption.com. Topics include grants, loans, tax credits, employee benefits, and fundraising for adoption.

Resources4Adoption | A one-stop resource for grants, loans, and advice about funding your adoption.

Adoption Fundraising Infographic | Find ten resources, fun activities and fundraising campaigns that will help offset the cost of adoption.

A payment timeline allows agency fees and adoption costs to be staggered over the course of the adoption process, enabling you to plan ahead for costs, but making it unnecessary to have all of the fees in savings when you begin the process. The fees are broken down and collected in increments, with the majority of the costs due at, or shortly after, the time you receive referral information about a child. The entire amount will need to be paid at or before the time of placement.

Your Adoption Finance Coach

To help you navigate the world of adoption financing, Forever Bound has partnered with Your Adoption Finance Coach, a comprehensive system that includes live coaching, on-demand training videos, budget and planning templates, and an online gift registry service, to provide adoptive families with the tools they need to create a customized financial plan to fund their adoption.

With Your Adoption Finance Coach, Forever Bound families will have access to training and funding application templates, one-on-one consultations, assistance with creating and implementing a finance plan, opportunities to join an adoption finance boot camp, and more.

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Current Forever Bound Families: Please email us to create a login for immediate access to Your Adoption Finance Coach portal. Once you’ve logged into the portal, you will have access to the many resources made available through this service.